Colourful Lanterns
The beauty of sparkling stars against the canvas of night has always held a special allure for us. Their attractive brilliance has always inspired philosophers and artists over countless eras. Now, one company has made it possible to brighten your home with this nocturnal majesty.
Each star is printed, punched and glued by hand. This handmade production makes each star unique.
Patterns are inspired from a wide variety of cultures with influences from Malay, Chinese and Indian. Designs vary from cultural, playful and colourful, to modern, contemporary and sophisticated. There are numerous designs to suit personal preferences and different occasions.
The combination of eye-catching design and innovative structure makes LuckyStar lanterns the perfect gift! With such a broad range of designs to choose from, customers are sure to find a lovely Star to take home and brighten up their lives!
Burn-proof tested long hours with 40W light bulb and energy saving light bulb. Punched holes all over lantern which release heat generate from the bulb.
All natural and high quality materials with years of craftsmanship.
Constantly new colors, patterns and ollections. Interesting designs to suit today's trends.
environmentally-concious manufacturing process.