Like Decoration
Like Deco was conceived by Malaysian designer Ron/ Tan Kok Wei after he graduated from design school in New Zealand in 2004. The company designs decorative lights that will definitely brighten up any home. One of the very first lanterns Like Deco produced was the LuckyStar lantern design.
  LuckyStar is originally made in Malaysia. The lantern is made from recyclable card and is easy to set up, transport and store. The remarkable characteristic of LuckyStar is its unique pattern design. Each LuckyStar lantern pattern is carefully designed and developed to create a distinctive room ambience through different light effects. .   The LuckyStar lantern is distributed in different countries around the world and has enjoyed growing popularity over the years. In the near future, Like Deco plans to develop a new range of lantern designs based on a flat and foldable concept for greater ease in setting up, transporting and storing these attractive lanterns.